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SOLO - SoLovely Java

SOLO - SoLovely Java

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SOLO (often called Surakarta) is the neighbor city of Yogyakarta in Java Island, Indonesia. Most of the tourists are visiting Yogyakarta, but actually Solo has also many marvelous tourist attractions of its own.

Approximately 15 km north of Solo, there is an important archaeological site, namely Sangiran. In that place, it was found the primordial man who lived in Java Island a million years ago. Half of all primordial man fossils in the world were found in Sangiran. Therefore, UNESCO established Sangiran as World Heritage site.

At the foot of Mount Lawu which is not far from the City of Solo, standing Sukuh and Cetho Temples. Sukuh Temple is one of the most interesting temples in Southeast Asia. Its architecture resembles a Mayan tribe's stepped pyramid in Central America. However, the most unique part of this temple is its erotic ornaments. It is said that Cetho and Sukuh Temple were the last temples built in Java Island along with the downfall of Majapahit Kingdom and the influence of Hindu.

The reign of Majapahit in Java Island was later replaced by Islamic Kingdoms. Giyanti Agreement in 1755 divided Islamic Mataram Kingdom to Kasunanan Surakarta which was located in Solo and Yogyakarta Sultanate which was founded in the city of Yogyakarta. History has shown that Surakarta and Yogyakarta have a kindred relationship.

Those both cities are the cradle of Javanese culture. Hundred years being one of the Javanese culture centers inspired the slogan Solo the Spirit of Java. The achievement of Solo in dance and batik for example, is truly remarkable. Solo is often called as the capital of batik. In this city, there is Laweyan Batik Village where is the place of batik artisan for centuries. There is also an ancient batik museum of Danar Hadi, the best and most complete batik museum in the world.

Sight-seeing and dining are two important points in the tour. Solo city has no shortage of delicious traditional cuisines. For instance, Nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu, an authentic food which has savory rice with tasty areh (special cooked coconut milk) served on banana leaf or pincuk. There are also food made of cooked young jackfruit, Gudeg Ceker Margoyudan that is only open early morning, soft and sweet Javanese pancake of Serabi Notosuman and dozens of places to taste the famous traditional food recipes.

The tour will not be complete without buying any souvenirs. Klewer Market, Beteng Trade Center to Windujenar Market where is a "heaven" for hunting typical souvenirs of Solo from Batik to antique stuffs.

From Yogyakarta to Solo (Surakarta)

Solo is located only 65 km northeast of Yogyakarta and can be reached within 1,5 hours drive by economy bus which is 24 hours available. Pramex train is serving the route of Yogyakarta - Solo 10 times every day. Any taxis and car rentals will be glad to take you to Solo at anytime.

Solo Adisumarmo International Airport in Surakarta also has direct flight from Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore.

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