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WINDUJENAR MARKET - Hunting Treasures in Antiques Heaven

Pasar Windujenar
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Triwindu Market (Windujenar Market) is one of the famous antique markets in Java. Many travelers visiting Solo stop by to hunt antique stuffs in Triwindu Market. If you are lucky, you can get Surakarta Palace's heirlooms.

Jalan Diponegoro, Solo

WINDUJENAR MARKET - Hunting Treasures in Antiques Heaven

As one of the Javanese culture centers, Solo has many treasures ranging from heirlooms to antiques. Triwindu Market (now named Windujenar Market) is one of the most famous antique markets in Java. In front of the market, you will be welcomed by sculpture of a Javanese man and woman.

Walking down the market aisles with antiques scattered on the right and left sides will make you feel like you are in the antique heaven. From collections of batik fabrics, old bank notes and coins, batik stamps, old gramophones from Europe, puppets painted on old wood plates, bicycles from 1930s, to stuff claimed as the fossils from Sangiran can be found in here. Not to mention old paintings, oil lamps, Buddha statues, and coal irons. Not only those, this market is also a heaven for collectors and maniac of automotive because they will be able to find rare spare parts that are not produced anymore.

Not all of the antiques in Triwindu Market are the real antiques. A thing, claimed has hundred years history by the seller, may be created just only several weeks ago. But if you are lucky, you will probably get the heirlooms of Surakarta palace. Many speculations developed about the present of the heritages and heirlooms of the palace in this market. However, the royal palace’s speak person said those may be are things given to some of royal servants who later decided to sell it, or those may come from the royal families and colleagues who sell it. Shopping in Triwindu Market needs carefulness and bargaining skill, so do not hesitate to bargain half of the price.

Until now, Windujenar Market still serves barter system. You can barter your collections with the other antiques, of course with some negotiation from both parties about the value of the items. If you are a visitor who wants to buy souvenirs, or experiencing the real Solo atmosphere, Windujenar Market is one of the great options.

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Monday to Sunday: 09.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.