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MUSEUM BATIK DANARHADI - The Most Complete Antique Batik Museum in the World

Museum Batik Danar Hadi
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UNESCO has decided Batik as one of Indonesian heritages. Museum Batik Danarhadi is the best and the most complete antique batik museum in the world. It possesses more than ten thousand pieces of batik fabrics, one of them is Snow White Batik.

Jl. Slamet Riyadi 261 Surakarta
+62 271 714326

MUSEUM BATIK DANARHADI - The Most Complete Antique Batik Museum in the World

Batik has become a part of Indonesian cultures since hundreds years ago. This coloring technique uses wax to prevent the fabric from the other colors. On October 2, 2009, UNESCO decided that Indonesian Batik is one of the world heritages. Motivated by his love to Batik Haji Santosa Doellah, the owner of Batik Danarhadi, has been collecting many batik from all over the places. Until this time, his collection has reached more than ten thousand pieces of antique batik; six hundreds of them are exhibited in Museum Batik Danarhadi.

From Batik Kraton, Batik Belanda, until Batik Tiga Negeri

A tour guide greeted us friendly and accompanied us in one and half hour museum tour. The first gallery displayed the collections of Batik Belanda (Holland Batik), in which most of them are sarong, with the pattern dominated by flowers, leaves, animals, particularly birds and butterflies. Batik Belanda came in bright colors such as red, green, orange, and pink. There were pictures of Dutch wearing batik hanging on the wall.

The second gallery displayed Batik Kraton (Royal Batik) from Surakarta, Mangkunegaran, Yogyakarta, and Pakualaman palaces. The patterns of these royal palaces batik are almost the same, only some modification and the way to wear it that make differences. There is also a kind of batik called Batik Tiga Negeri (Three Countries Batik). This batik was colored by red, blue, and brown colors in three different places. The red color was done in Lasem, blue in Pekalangon, and brown in Solo.

The other collections are Batik China, Batik Java Hokokai (batik influenced by the Japanese culture), Batik Pesisir (Kudus, Lasem, Pekalangon), Batik Sumatra, Batik Saudagaran, Batik Petani, Contemporary Batik, and many other kinds of batik. One of the most attractive is Batik Cirebon. Beside the influence of China, this Batik had wings patterns showing the influence of Hindu culture from the Old Mataram Kingdom.

Something that we shouldn’t miss is the special collection of this museum. There are antique batik collections with unique patterns inspired by the folktales or legends. One of them is Snow White pattern. This batik was made by patterns depicting the Snow White story. The story started when the stepmother mother was told by the mirror that Snow White is the most beautiful woman in their country. It made her angry and threw Snow White to the jungle. The motif was continued by the story of Snow White’s life in the jungle with seven dwarfs, eating the poisonous apple, and meeting a prince who wakes her up from a long sleep. Snow White Batik was designed by an Indo-Dutch woman during the mid of 19th century. Despite that, the process of making was still done by Indonesian people. Besides, there are some batik with a pattern depicting the stories of Hans and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and even the Diponegoro War.

One Stop Batik Shopping

The tour guide also took YogYES to the back of the museum. The atmosphere was suddenly changed. The elegance of the exhibition rooms was changed with the dynamic manufacturer atmosphere. In that big room without any partitions, hundreds of people worked in batik making process, from the very beginning until the finishing process. If you want to learn more about this technique, this museum offers the workshop packet of one color hand-painting batik in 5 days.

Done with the antique batik collection and the complicated batik making process, our eyes were pampered by the beautiful batik collection of Danarhadi. Formal shirts, beautiful gowns, pillow-sheet, and many other products can be bought from here. Museum Batik Danarhadi uses the concept of One Stop Batik Shopping and becomes the shopping paradise for batik lovers.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 09.00 a.m. to 04.30 p.m.
Domestic visitor: IDR 25,000
Foreign visitor: IDR 25,000
Student: IDR 15,000